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Condensed versions of the complete articles on Jeffrey Dahmer, Karla Homolka, and Paul Bernardo - once featured in People Magazine, these short pieces are from a compilation book called Cases That Shocked America True Crime Stories From the Files of People, published & revised 2012.

Despite the revision, the article on Dahmer still inaccurately claims Dahmer was molested by a male neighbor as a child and that his first victim, Steven Hicks, was bludgeoned to death, rather than strangled via weight lifting equipment after a blow to the head from behind.

“ The scene at Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment is considered by Milwaukee Police to one of the worst they ever encountered. Photographs of bodies in various stages of dismemberment, barrels containing acid, boxes of various...

The scene at Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment  is considered by Milwaukee Police to one of the worst they ever encountered. Photographs of bodies in various stages of dismemberment, barrels containing acid, boxes of various body parts plus three human heads found in a refrigerator were among the items recovered during a search of Dahmer’s apartment, the now-now infamous apartment 213 at the Oxford Apartments, Milwaukee, Wis.

Dahmer would also confess to having sex with his victims’ corpses, preserving skulls, keeping various body parts, showering with corpses, cannibalizing some of his victims’ remains and trying to create living zombies by performing lobotomies with a power drill and pouring acid into the holes.

What was Jeffrey Dahmer like as a neighbor? Were there any signs that the tenant in apartment 213 was abnormal?

Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbor from across the hall, Vernell Bass, stands outside of Dahmer’s apartment

Dahmer’s neighbor, Henry Barnett, describes Dahmer as never looking anyone in the eyes. “He always looked down,” Barnett says.

Other neighbors also described Dahmer as an introvert, always dressed in the same T-shirt and jeans.

The other tenants at the Oxford Apartments describe a horrible, unrecognizable smell throughout the whole building that seemed to originate from Dahmer’s apartment. The smell was thought to be either spoiled food or even a rat that had died in the vents.

Pamela Bass, Dahmer’s neighbor from across the hall, talked to Dahmer about the smell many times. She says that Dahmer was always polite when she spoke to him about the smell, sa ying that he claimed that meat had spoiled in his freezer and that he planned to thoroughly clean the freezer with Pine Sol.

Who would ever think that a neighbor was a serial killer?

Bass said that “Maybe we should have thought something. But how could anybody know he was collecting dead bodies? I didn’t know what a dead body smells like.”

Bass recalled other strange things about Dahmer and said, “I would hear a buzz saw running in the early evening, I thought he was building something.“ 

She also said she heard Dahmer swearing when she was sure he was alone in his apartment.

Pamela Bass

After news of his crimes hit the media, many people who had missing family members showed up at the Oxford A partments thinking that perhaps their loved one may have been a victim of Dahmer.

One woman, Bernice Lipsom, said that she last saw her 41-year-old son Aaron Vickers alive on June 10 after leaving him off at The Oxford Apartments. Vickers has not been seen or heard from since. He failed to pick up his disability check and hadn’t called Lipsom.

Lipsom said, “My heart dropped in the bottom of my stomach when I heard what happened here. Either he’s not able to talk or he’s dead. If he could talk he’d call his momma. If his body is in there, I want to know.”


“Parts of Many Bodies Found In Milwaukee Apartment,” by Isabel Wilkerson, New York Times, July 24, 1991

apartment Pamela Bass Vernell Bass